Agape Llama Acres &
Forget Me Knot Fibers



About Us 

We are Agape Llama Acres! This farm is run by Amy & Brian Bowling, their daughter Madeline Krawciw and her fiancé, Zane Hardy. Madeline's cousin, Kenny, comes up every summer to help. We have been transitioning to a sustainable llama & fiber farm over the last several years. Our fiber farm, Forget Me Knot LLC, has its' own website you can view, the link is below. 

Amy has Systemic Lupus and is not able to work full time, but has a position as an adjunct professor at Grand Rapids Community College. She is currently working on her PhD in Social Psychology.

Brian has been helping Amy with the fiber business and is a pro at driving the trailer. He is always ready to help go to llama shows, our local vet, or those long treks to Ohio State University when needed. 

Madeline is currently studying Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology and Grand Valley State University. She handles the paperwork. breeding, and a bulk of the training. 

Zane is studying Information Technology at the same University (GVSU). He loves to work on fencing, is always making improvements on the barn, and has a couple of special llamas. 
Kenny is always a huge help. He helps clean, brush the llamas, take care of them, and always does it with a smile on his face. 

We love llamas and the llama community. We belong to the ILR and attend an average of 3-5 shows if possible. We have been blessed to meet some amazing people. 

Visit our fiber website:

Madeline & LUA The Hand of Angels
Zane and ALA Handfull of Independence
Kenny & Starr
Zane & Dazy
Abby and Pattch
Madeline & Indi
Zane & Eve
Amy and Connie
Pride & Kenny
Abby and Stash
Brian and Blue Hills Catalina
Zane & 4L&M Merlot's Ego
Love at first sight