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2022 Crias

We did not have very many crias in 2022, but we are really excited about them!


FMK Legend's of Phoenix (fe)

FMK Legend's Dawn (fe)

FMK Legend's of Phoenix (Fe)

LUA Wave's of Legends x DDH's Scarlett


"Phoenix" had quite the entrance! She was born at 2AM in a breech position. Luckily, we were there and able to assist mom and cria. She had a wobbly start but is doing better and making strides in her own way. 

FMK Legend's Dawn (Fe)

LUA Wave's of Legends x LUA The Hand of Angels

Dawn was born on a chilly October morning 8 days overdue. She is a very soft tan color, which was not a color we were expecting from the pairing. Dawn was well worth the wait and we are excited to watch her grow!

At 3 months, Dawn continues to grow well and she eats/nibbles on everything she physically can. She is very playful and actually enjoys running around with the dogs on the farm. 

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