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Current Crias

All of our 2023 crias are below! We are really looking forward to watching these guys grow and mature. Any that are for sale will be listed on our sales page, and feel free to reach out regarding any of them. 

Lazy Acres Kai (fe)

Solid Rocks Firestone X Miss Willo

"Kai" was unexpected! We purchased her mom a few months ago, and she did not display many signs of being pregnant. Kai resembles her sire more than her mom, but that may change over time. She has a beautiful, shiny red fleece and sticks close to her momma. She is a GNLC Crockett granddaughter with lots of potential. 

Her sire, Solid Rocks Firestone, is for sale in Northwest Wisconsin. 

FMK Amarezza Di Petaloso (Fe)

(WOL Inspirato's Bowtie x NFA's Petaloso De Rosario)

Amara came late in the afternoon, and she is the daughter of an older first-time mom who is doing beautifully. Amara is the first cria from her sire who is not predominately black and white. She is also the first cria from that sire born on our farm! She is curious and proud, and we are excited for her future. 


FMK Bowtie's Paisley (Fe)

(WOL Inspirato's Bowtie x DDH's Madeline)

Paisley really surprised us with her unique coloring, she is not what we expected from either parent. She was the biggest cria to date, and the half-sister to "Amara". Playful and independent, we are really excited about this girls future. 


FMK Proclaim's Junior (M)

(LUA Bravado's Proclaim x BC Excellence Achieved

Junior made his appearance late afternoon. He has a beautiful soft tan coloration and is growing very well. We think his laid-back personality would be an excellent addition to any farm. 

FMK Proclaim's Badger (M)

(LUA Bravado's Proclaim x BKL Hollyhock)

Badger had a pretty tough entry into the world. He was born right around midnight, and he was not in the right position so his mom needed some significant assistance. 

Even through his tough birth he came out strong and determined. At only 18lbs, he was the smallest cria but has continued to grow and do well. 

FMK Bowtie's Twenty-One Salute (M)

(WOL Inspirato's Bowtie x LUA Handfull of Elegance)

Sully is our final Bowtie cria for the year, and he is a really nice boy! He was born at 31lbs and continues to grow very well.


FMK Starfire's Simba (M)

(Solar Moons Mr. Stash x Faith Keeper Farms Starfire)

Simba is our only alpaca cria for the year, and an adorable one! He resembles his moms coloration more than his sire, and is always zooming around the bigger crias. He is independent and curious. 

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