What is so great about llamas? 

Recently, Llamas have become extremely popular. Five years ago, no one had even heard of llamas and most people didnt realize that there was a difference between llamas and alpacas. There was also a stigma attached to llamas. They are expected to spit on everyone and everything they come in contact with. At Agape Llamas we have workd hard to change that, along with our llama community friends, we works to get our animals out in the public to dispell rumors and encourage education about these amazing animals. 

We tell people they have the personality of a cat and the intelligence of an elephant. They don't forget anything. Tey always remember me becuase I give them shots, and they know who feeds them, and who disciplines them. Each llama is uniquely independent, some are flighty, some stubborn, some love kids, and others don't. 

We are so excited to see them rise in popularity, even in merchandising, llama clothing and accessories are getting widespread and we are so blessed to be able to raise these majestic animals. 



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