(MGF Argentine The Masters Hand X 6P Lexy )

LUA Pride At Hand

ILR # 287134  DOB: 5/24/2014 

Also Known As: Pride

Pride is a spectacular gelding! Full of curiosity and spunk, a 4h favorite! Each year we have had kids fighting for who gets to show him. Madeline showed him a few times, but they didn't get along very well. We love this boy! Bought in June of 2015, he was a strangely little guy who was just barely 1. He has grown into a incredible and impressive boy. He is our best guard, always on the lookout and scouting the area for threats. His curiosity and love for performance really adds to his personality! We are blessed and thankful to have this fluffy boy! 

** Pride's Top Accomplishements**

  • 1st Non-breeder yearling ~ ILR & ALSA Lamafest 2015​

  • 2nd Non-Breeder Yearling ~ Hillsdale Hobo Hootenanny 2016

  • Double 1st Non-Breeder 2yr ~ Northwestern 2016 

  • 4th Overall Nonbreeder ~ Northwestern 2016 

  • 2nd Non - Breeder 2yr ~ Mid Michigan 2017 

  • #1 2015 UAP Non-Breeder Yearling 

  • #8 2016 UAP Non-Breeder 2yr Old 

  • Great Performance placings & Scores, along with championships in performance