(M.S. Caramel Ripple X Pine Bluff's Silver Mist)


ILR # 285586   DOB: 6/22/2012

Wayrah was our first llama, rescued in 2013 when he was 11 months. He was in a situation where he was with an older male that was constantly picking on him. In May of 2014 we went to our first llama show, where Wayrah earned Reserve Champion Medium Wool Male. He has been shown minimally since. He has a amazing disposition and a great animal and we are very blessed to have him! 

**Wayrah's Top Accomplishments**

  •  RG Medium Wool Male ~~ Northwestern 2014.

  • Double 1st MWM Adult ~~ Northwestern 2016

  • Top 3 & 4 MWM ~~ Northwestern 2016

  • RG Intermediate Youth Performance ~~ Northwestern 2016  

Llama Show Day 2 (177).JPG
Baby Wayrah.jpg